What kind of robotics company do you want to create?

by Theeraphol

Hello, Sebastien,

Last time we met, you talked about building your own company. So I am wondering: What kind of robotics company do you want to make after your graduation? And I am interested in what kinds of robots you will build and sell? Humanoid? Roomba? It's very nice and very interesting for me.

Sebastien's answer

Hello Theerapol,

What kind of robotics company will I make?

Indeed, I want to create my own robotics company after I graduate. What kind or robots will I make is not clear yet. I think there are a lot of opportunities to make robots that can actually change people's life.

I am still more interested in service robots working in people's home than industrial robots. And clearly I don't want to create military robots like iRobot.

How to find opportunities and ideas? I read a lot of robot news. I have my RSS Reader feeding me up to 10 articles a day. I watch Ted Talks about robot applications and keep them in my head for later. Every week, I see new inventions that could lead to potential products. Actually, I am eager to get started but right now my role is to finish my Master Degree and learn as much as I can on the way.

I already started

My first 2 employees
My 2 robotic employees
Though I didn't start conceiving robots, I did start building a business. This website is a way to build a business by sharing my passion. And I learn a lot about robots too.

Soon I will add some affiliate links (a little sponsored links) and may add some other products to earn money from it. It is a very stable way to make money every month, but it needs some work.

As it is, the website attracts 700 visitors every month, and its just getting started. Later, it may become a good way to present new products from my robotics company to thousands of interested people.

For building this website, I use a complete software called Site Build It! (SBI!) that offer training and a complete set of tools to create a successful web business (not just a website). They have great support and a huge community (Forums and Facebook). I loved their student page and I really enjoy building this website thanks to them.

Finally, I also participate in the Nao Developer Program. It is a great experience to work on a Nao robot doing something else than research, and the applications I create with Nao may be sold on the "Nao Store" from next year. So who knows? Maybe I will be making money there too!

I am surprised that when I talk about creating my robotics company with other people at the Uni, a lot of people are asking me about it and some even propose to work with me! But I am clearly not ready to employ anyone yet. But it is a good topic for conversations.

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