The Crazy Furby!

by Sebastien

Crazy Furby

Crazy Furby

Crazy Furby
Furby Happy

The Crazy Furby!

The crazy Furby is my favorite. It is always laughing and making all kinds of noises. It can imitate Tarzan, a cow, or make dirty noises like farting and burping.

How to make your Furby turn crazy? You have to torture it gently until its mind brake. Shake it, pull its tail and other jokes will usually make your robot companing lose its mind. For the hack, just pull the tail about 50 times in a row and leave it a few seconds. If it doesn't turn crazy quickly, do it again... Poor thing!

Once your robot is crazy, it has all kinds of funny animations. You have a wide variety of reactions to pulling its tail. It is also a lot of fun to see it eat and then answer you: "Thank... BURP... You. hahaha!"

It is also one of the funniest to talk to or to shake in all directions.

Here are some funny things to try with your robotic pet too:

  • try to give your crazy Furby a very spicy food (using the iPhone app) and enjoy its explosive reaction,

  • pull its tail over and over again to see its many jokes, and look at its eyes for more fun,

  • watch some crawy dancing and singing by playing some loud music.

You can watch the Youtube video below to see a Furby turning crazy, some of its animations and finally falling asleep.

I also love the way this Furby goes to sleep at the end of the video. It must be having some great dreams as it can't stop laughing even then!

I hope you will enjoy your crazy robot. If you can't stand it any more, or just want some change, check out my other pages and videos on the different personalities, it will tell you how to change your Furby's personality into another.

Tell me if you enjoyed the crazy Furby too by leaving a comment below!

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