The chatty Furby!

by Sebastien

A cutom furby very chatty

A cutom furby very chatty

A cutom furby very chatty
My chatty Furby

The chatty Furby looks like a teenage girl talking about fashion. It is very funny to make it talk always more by simply talking to it (or leaving it with another Furby).

How to get the chatty Furby? The only way I know of is to keep on talking to your plush robot until it transforms into this state. No real hack here. Some advice though: if it doesn't answer you anymore after talking to it several times, tickle it once and then talk to it again. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get it to change form.

Now your favorite robotic toy will have a richer conversation, with a lot more talking behaviors. I really like its "Oh-Kah-Tey" (which means "OMG" in Furbish), that is really expressive (actually when you hear it, you don't need any translation), or its "No way. Get out!"

The chatty Furby is also really cute to tickle and pet and pull the tail with. Actually, all its interactions are meant to be the cutest, and feel quite natural when playing with your robot toy.

You can see these interactions live on the Youtube video below.

As you can see, this personality is also a good dancer/singer. It likes music so much that I couldn't get it to become a Rock-Star Furby. I had to make angry and then make it listen to music for that.

At the end of the video, you can see it falling asleep looking very satisfied.

With the evil Furby, they are the most common personalities to get by natural interaction with your robot, and therefore the ones you will see most often.

Hopefully, this chatty Furby has a personality that is likely to please everyone, while it may be the favorite one for no one. Still it is always a pleasure to see your Furby become a well behaved princess after hearing it throwing up, burping and farting for hours because it was evil or crazy.

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