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I have a robot vacuum cleaner at home myself, so I write Roomba reviews to share my experience. If you own an iRobot Roomba Vacuum and want to make your own review here, you can add your own consumer reports on Roomba at the end of the page!

I will evaluate my little home robot according to its usability, efficiency, maintenance, design and other features. I sum it all up at the end and check some popular reviewing sites for you.

Also, I have a Roomba 530 at home, so that will the reference for this review on Roomba. Here I compare it mostly to other vacuum cleaners and robots, so for more information on how to use it or how it works, you should look at the main iRobot Roomba vacuum page.

Roomba reviews: get lazy with Roomba

iRobot Roomba: the laziest way to vacuum.

1) Roomba reviews: Usability

What's the most annoying thing that happen with a standard vacuum cleaner? Is it when you are too far and have to go back all the way to unplug it and re-plug it? Or is it when it bumps your expensive furnitures leaving a mark?

I used to find vacuum cleaners very unconvenient. But that was before I met the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. I think that while many Roomba reviews focus on the fact that Roomba doesn't do so well in the corners (see the next chapter on efficiency), they forget the second thing about the robot vacuum cleaner: it is cordless. The first thing being of course that it is totally autonomous.

The Roomba vacuum robot is set up in 15 minutes: 2 minutes to plug and put on charge, then you come back 2 hours later, push a button and watch it works. You will quickly see in which corner it gets stuck, and find a quick way to move a furniture or set a virtual wall (one is included usually with your Roomba 530). That takes the other 13 min.

Now, if you want it to work in a room in particular, no need to move the charging station: just carry it and put in the middle of the room and let do its work. There NOTHING complicated with this robot vacuum cleaner.

And I said, it is autonomous so it will go back to its charging station by itself when it finished or when it runs low on battery.

All this makes that the Roomba 530 deserves a 5 stars rating on usability.

2) Roomba reviews: Efficiency

There is a common misconception about robots: a robot is not as good as a human. Well, actually robots have been better than humans at a lot of tasks until now. But not on vacuuming.

As I said before, a lot of Roomba reviews, and even some people in my family told me that cleaning robots don't do well in the corner. I find myself that my iRobot Roomba vacuum is not bad.

It doesn't go to narrow areas, but actually neither do I (that's why there narrow!). And I am not a cleaning maniac, so my apartment is actually cleaner since I have my robot: it cleans more often so the main parts of my room are cleaner, and the corners are the same.

It does a good job on both hard floor and carpet. It can clean near the walls thanks to its side spinning brush.

Finally, the Roomba 530 is usually more efficient than other robots since it passes several time in each area, and in different directions (useful for carpets) compared with robotic vacuum cleaners that focus on doing the job faster. As far as robots go, the Roomba is the best vacuum for pet hairs.

All in all, the iRobot Roomba Vacuum is just as good as a common vacuum cleaner -> 4 stars.

3) Roomba reviews: Maintenance

Roomba reviews: Roomba Vs Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner will need a little maintenance of its own. After each use, you have to empty its small dust bin. I guess it lowers a little of a feature like the 7 day scheduling (Roomba 560 and better) when you still have to check the dust bin every day.

Also, Roomba loves hairs, so much that it can be a little hard to take them away from its brush. It takes 5 minutes a month to get rid of the long hair from my wife.

Otherwise, my Roomba 530 has been in use for more than 1 year now and didn't need any care other than what I said. No need for any new accessories.

The frequent dust bin maintenance is an inconvenient, but it is equivalent to the care of any vacuum. 3 stars

4) Roomba reviews: Pros and Cons

Let's go with the Pros first:

  • totally autonomous
  • cordless and doesn't hurt you furnitures
  • super easy to use
  • clean often without effort
  • goes under furnitures
  • does less noise than a vacuum cleaner
  • saves you hours or even days over a year

No for a list of cons:

  • doesn't go in some narrow areas
  • needs to empty the dust bin after much every use
  • slow (can take 20 minutes to go over my small rooms)
  • needs a little maintenance every month on the brushes
  • more expensive than cheap vacuum cleaners

Overall, I give 4 star rating to my Roomba 530. It will save you great time while doing a good job to vacuum the rooms. And it's a pleasure to watch it.

Don't wait anymore. Get your own Roomba today!

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