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If you don't want to buy some Roomba replacement battery every year, you'd better use it right. Indeed, one of the most common complaints I read on review sites is the APS battery life of your iRobot Roomba vacuum robot. So when I got my 1 year old robot, I rushed to the net to find how to make it last the longest.

Actually, the manual gives very few tips about that, and it was quite hard to find the information on iRobot's website. But I finally got it and I want to share it with you all.

I will also explain how to put your additional Roomba battery in your robot floor cleaner when you receive it.

1) The 6 tips to get the most out of your battery

A replacement battery for Roomba
  1. The first one is a tricky one: charge your Roomba aps battery one night before the first time use. I say it's tricky because when you receive your Roomba vacuum robot, the first thing you want to do is trying it. It's actually written in the Quick Start Guide, so if you are serious with manuals, you should have seen it.
  2. Always leave your robot on charge. When your Roomba is not working, it should wait at its charging station. Roomba's battery should always be full when it's starting the next cleaning cycle.
  3. Use your Roomba regularly. That means more than once a week. Your Roomba vacuum cleaner needs some exercise to keep its batteries fit. So use it twice a week or everyday. A good idea is also to make rotations so that it cleans different rooms each time. It keeps it in use regularly when not every room needs to be cleaned every day.
  4. Every few months, empty the battery. Every 2-3 months, run it again and again until its battery is over (4-beep tone). Just let it clean and unplug its charging station. Come every 15 minutes to start it again. Then, let it charge overnight until it's full. It will help keeping it in great shape.
  5. Clean the brushes from hair and other debris regularly (1/week or 1/month). That way there will be less resistance, making your Roomba vacuum cleaner more efficient both for the battery and the cleaning.
  6. Finally, stock your battery during vacations. I quote iRobot website on this: "Blue and black batteries should be stored after the Roomba has been used. Yellow batteries should be stored after being fully charged." So before leaving your Roomba for more that 2 weeks, don't remember to take the batteries off and store them in a safe place.

More on how the Roomba vacuum robot works here.

Roomba replacement battery how to

The arrows indicate the screws you will need to take off.

2) How to use your Roomba replacement battery?

The Roomba battery is under your robot, hidden under the big green cover. You will need a screw driver to open your robot's belly.

Roomba replacement battery how to

To open your Roomba vacuum robot, you should first take out the side spinning brush. Just unscrew the middle screw and then pull quite hard on several of the plastic branches, near the center. You may be afraid of tearing it apart the first time, but the branches are resistant enough.

Next, unscrew the big screws indicated by the arrows on your robot. Note that you don't need to take them out this time. They are screwed both in the robot's base and in the cover. So when the screw starts moving, you still can't get it out but it's enough to open it.

Finally, just take the big yellow thing out and put your additional Roomba replacement battery in. It can only get in in one way, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Roomba replacement battery how to

Now I think you have everything you need to know to take care of your Roomba batteries. Take care of them, and you will never need a Roomba replacement battery.

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