Roomba Lowest Price
Where to Find It?

If you really want to find your Roomba lowest price, you should check these pieces of advice. Remember that when you get the lowest price, you often get less service and warranty. So be sure to make big savings, otherwise you'd be better off taking one with 2 years guarantee for the full price.

1- Get it second hand

I had my Roomba second hand from a friend who was moving back to America from Japan. He wanted to be as light as possible and sold the unnecessary things. I paid $150 for a 6 months old Roomba 530 (priced around $350 new). So it was a pretty good deal. And my Roomba is still working fine after 1 more year of normal use.

The best thing to get it second hand is to be lucky and have some family/friend who needs to get rid of his/her like me.

Another way is to look for one on Craigslist or other classifieds site.

Caution for buying on classifieds: watch the robot working in front of you for at least 30 min before buying it. A full battery working fine should be able to work at least 40 min. So go pick up your robot with some cookies to share while you wait. That box of cookies may save you a $100 roomba replacement battery.

Another tip for classifieds: try to search roomba for example to get all the pages on your Craigslist that have the word Roomba. Click here for an example with Roombas on Craigslist.

Roomba Lowest Price

My faithful Roomba. Got it cheap, but working well.

2- Get it from Woot

Another way to get your Roomba lowest price is to get it from Woot, which is some kind of daily deals website. It has a collection of items you can purchase for a limited time, and often features a Roomba, Scooba or other robot vacuums.

I would caution to check for the return policy as Woot is not responsible for them. So you have to check for each item the policy.

You can use the same trick as before for the Search Engine by replacing the site name by

Roomba Lowest Price

Which one of these 3 is the best at vacuuming?

3- Get it from Amazon

Yes, really. To get your Roomba lowest price, you can simply check Amazon. They often have some pretty amazing deals, but they don't last too long. So be quick when you find it.

For good results, use this search box and type Roomba to get the list of current offers. If you want to check other brands, type brand robot. For example electrolux robot will give you the list of Electrolux Tribolites deals.

Cautions: With Amazon, you are sure to have the Amazon 30-days return policy. But you should always double-check the ratings of your seller just in case: it can save you some hassle.

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