Robots the Movie
You Can Be a Robot Inventor Too!

Robots the Movie is the story of a young inventor chasing his dream to create new things that will help people.

Plus, they're all robots in this world, and funny ones by the way.

But more than a review, I want to tell you what inspired me in this animation movie. I like people who go after their dreams and will work hard to achieve it. In everything you do, and thus in robotics too, persistence and consistency are super important. And that's what this movie is about.

Robots the Movie:
How to Become an Inventor?

The first part, where you see Rodney, the hero in the movie, grow up, is very interesting. He is building a helper robot for his dad. He started at age 10, and finally completed it at about age 18.

The way he builds his robot gives you great advice on how you should think your robot projects. He starts by looking for a need. The robot is supposed to help his dad wash the dishes. He starts small, and tests often. Don't worry, not all your tests will end up in disaster like him.

Robots the Movie: Rodney and its creation

"Think Big" is the motto, "Start Small" is the way

Why is it important to have a goal in mind? If you don't try to solve a problem, your robot may be cool, but will soon become boring. If your robot fills a need, not only will you always use it, but you may even earn from it. While I don't know if you'll sell it, you can definitely use it to showcase your expertise, problem-solving skills and creativity. I bet your future employer would love to see that.

Finally, remember that it took 8 years for Rodney to build is robot. If he didn't a have an end goal in mind, he would never know if he is making progress or not. You can't know what you should learn if you don't know where you're going.

The process of building a robot is setting objectives, try to break it into many small simple steps, and try to take each step at a time. Each time you block on one step, you learn. If you go through easily, you are just practicing.

Robots the Movie: Evil Robots

You will always face obstacles along the way. Although these are seriousle twisted.

That's why I love movies like Robots the Movie, they are really good examples of what it takes to succeed in robotics, and in life.

Of course, you don't need to be a robot builder, or even a scientist to enjoy the humor, though I wonder if a 10 year old would understand most of the references to movies and singers (do you know about Tom Waits, anyway?).

I do think that Wall-E has more attaching character, but Robots the Movie is still a good movie to watch with your kids and family, especially if you like robot cartoons.

Robots the Movie: the heroes

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