Robots and Society

by K.
(United States)

Hello! I like to ask you a few questions about robots and society.

1- My first question is this: Do you think that robots could advance greatly in just a few years by a single discovery like smaller and more powerful computer chips or a whole new method of creating artificial intelligence?

2- My second question is: Do you think that if we have robots in society, there will be new types of people like anti-robotists and robot worshipers?

3- And my third question is: Do you approve of female androids being created and sold? If so, why and if no, why not?

Please answer my questions if you have the time. I would like to hear your answers/opinions.
Thank you and have a great day! ^v^

Sebastien's answer

Hello K.

Here are the answers.

1- Robots are already evolving a lot every years. It took more than 10 years to build Asimo, but these years new robots with more abilities are being revealed every years. Also, there are some big improvements that come from the game industry, that create very cheap sensors that can later be used in robots.

I don't think there is going to be some big breakthrough through 1 particular event. Robots are improving a lot every year, and if you look the best robots 10 years ago, you will see all the new things that were created. So wait for 10 years and the robots from today will look like clumsy prototypes.

2- They are already there. Human's Rights Watch want a ban on military robots. And look how people worship Apple and whatever comes out of their stores. There are robot haters and lovers everywhere already.

The question is: do you think technological progress is helping a better society? Do smartphones help us keep connected, or make us unable to take time off? Does Facebook bring new people together, or make people forget about face-to-face interaction? Do robots make boring and difficult tasks for us, or do they dehumanize our society?

I'll let you think on those.

3- I wrote about this on my page about fembots and female robots.

In short, giving robots a human face make them easier to communicate with, but may also lead to unhealthy expectations about them (love, intelligence, abilities).

There are some good reasons to make robots look just like humans. But here are other ways to conceive them: task specific (the robot's shape is optimized for its task), simplified (having a cartoon like head can make communication easier), artistic (the robot is meant to unique and beautiful, and express in itself an idea).

I hope this answers your questions.

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