Robotics Jobs?

by Chante

What are your job prospects after you finish your education?

How many robotics jobs are there available in the US?
Are there jobs where you can build robots for a living?

Sebastien's answer

Hello Chante,
and thank you for your questions.

What are your job prospects?

For me, there are two possible paths after my Master Degree:

1- To pursue a career in academics,

2- or to start my own robotics company.

Of course, I could also seek a job in one of the many robotics
companies, but I just don't feel like working for a company.

What I like in academic research is that you are paid to do
whatever you want, as long as you get some results in the end.
I really have a feeling of being free to create.

I guess the problem is that the work is usually carried by
individuals who like to be free. Not enough team work (at least
in my lab). So a project that would take one year or less in a
team of 4 people will have to be done alone over 3 years (the
PhD). And in the end, you never really care about making
practical applications out of your work.

On the other hand, if I could build robots in my own company,
I would focus the work of several people to create systems that
actually work (like the Asimo Honda Robot). I have ideas of
home robots or entertainment robots, and what I learn in
research wouldn't take too much time to put into practice.

Cyberdine Inc is an example of company made by a researcher.

So research is like a game for me, while my own company would
really be a great professional challenge.

A previous goal I had when I started college was to work for the
NASA to build space robots. While I still feel like it would be
cool, I don't see myself working for them in the future anymore.
But if I may seek opportunities to work "with them" in the

What about other robotics jobs?

You can find other robotics jobs in many companies. iRobot and
other specialized companies, big groups like ABB or Electrolux.
I have put a page about Robotics Companies here. As you can see on that page, there is quite some choice.

But that's not all. Big companies like Google are interested in
robotics technologies (Google autonomous cars, Android OS for
robots...). I know people working on robots in Walt Disney and
many other companies. Robotics jobs really are everywhere.

And if you don't want to stay in the robotics field, your
formation in robotics can lead you to many jobs: programming,
embedded systems, network and communications, mechanics and
system design... Depending on what you did for your degree,
you can get an engineering job in most of the electrical
engineering and computer science fields.

Sorry I don't have any number about how many robotics jobs
there are in the robotics field. I can say for sure that there
are a lot and it's growing (both industrial robotics and
home/entertainment robotics).

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