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Do you feel that cleaning the floor is too much work?A robot vacuum cleaner is just the right thing for you.

Today, cleaning robots come with all kind of different options and quality. Choosing the best home robot can become a challenge. On this page, you will find a description of my favorite vacuum robots.

If you need help to understand why I promote these specific robots, and Hammacher Schlemmer as the specific shop, I have a solution. I explain why and how to choose your new vacuum in the Power of Robot Vacuums ecourse. Click here to go the robot floor cleaner page, where you can subscribe to my free ecourse.

Now, let's start with the best selection of robot vacuum cleaner.

1)The Mint Evolution: Special Robot, Special Price

If you only have hard floor at home, maybe you don't need a robot "vacuum" cleaner after all. This Mint Evolution Hard-Floor cleaning robot can clean any surface that you would use one of those usable mop. So it is more of a robot mop.

Actually, the Mint Evolution itself is using those electrostatic or premoistened cloths to mop the room. It also does it quite quickly since it maps the room using the NorthStar navigation system.

This represents the first price in autonomous cleaning (under 200$), since it doesn't need to vacuum. But it made be the right fit for your home.

Also, please notice that for that price, it doesn't come with a charging station, so you will have to plug it yourself after each use, and change the cleaning cloth.

Find the Cheap Mint Autonomous Hard Floor Cleaner here.

2) Roomba: Good Robot, Good Price

Roomba vacuum robots come with all kinds of prices and options. From the cheap and simple Roomba with its charging station, you have a whole range of special features: virtual lighthouses that lets the robot go from room to another, 7-day scheduler to choose when your robot should be working, remote control to vacuum that little place where the sugar just fell from the pot...

Click here to find the Roomba with every options.

3) The Neato robot vacuum cleaner

The Neato vacuum cleaner does the job differently, but just as efficiently.

It uses magnetic markers on the ground to detect where it can go or not. They fit perfectly under a carpet or at the limit between 2 doors. It also has the 7-day scheduler to find your home always clean when you come back in the evening.

Finally, the biggest difference is that it looks much more clever than a Roomba. The Roomba is conceived like a little bug going everywhere randomly until the job is done. The Neato robot goes carefully along the walls, and then covers the room in methodical straight line, just like a professional mawing the lawn. It will avoid obsctacles elegantly and then go continue its beautiful lines.

Click here to get your Neato vaccum cleaner.

Bottom linE

These 4 robots will all do a great job depending on the size and type of surface you have. If you followed the Power of Robot Vacuums e-course, you already have a lot more details on how to choose the best robot for your need. If you missed it, you can find the e-course on the robot floor cleaner page.

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