The Robot Lawn Mower
To Really Enjoy Your Lawn

I think the robot lawn mower is one of the most useful home robots ever!

I always thought I would like a house without a garden because mowing the lawn takes too much time. I know what it is to mow: it was my biggest source of income when I was in middle school (we moved for a house without lawn after that). Mowing is long, tiring (especially in hot summer) and not fun at all. But your dreadful days are over. With these new automated robots, you will actually enjoy "mowing"... or should I say "watching your mowing robot while drinking a cocktail on your terrace".

1) How these lawn robots work?

Whatever you choose, your robot lawn mower will have some common features (just like all the robot vacuum cleaners). The first thing you do when you bring your robot home is set the charging base. This charging base is the place where the robot returns to when it's out of batteries. That means the robot will sometimes stop in the middle of its work to charge before resuming work where it stopped.

This is what the perimeter cable
looks like.
Example of perimeter set up for a robot lawn mower

The second thing to do, while your super new robot is charging for the first time, is to set a perimeter around your lawn. Every robotic lawn mower works with a perimeter cable. So you set the cable around your garden and obstacles to tell your robot where it can and can't go. The cable are connected to the charging base or to a normal plug: the robot lawn mower will detect it thanks to the small current that flows through.

What's next? Just set a mowing program for your robot to tell it which days and at what time to mow, and it's ready to go. You'll have to take care of the blades and batteries every once in a while (I see every year for the blades on some web sites). The robot doesn't stock the lawn: it cuts it like a the blender in your kitchen, and the pieces are really small, almost invisible and return to the earth quickly to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

2) Should you buy a robot lawn mower?

If you can afford it, I would say yes. I won't hide from you, the prices start at 1500 USD up to 3000 USD. That's clearly expensive. It's far less expensive to do like my parents: hire your kid! (and it's a great way to show him that working pays)

But sometimes the lawn is just too big. For 1500 USD, you get a robot lawn mower that covers 500 square meters by itself (that's more than 5000 square feet). Bigger models have more autonomy. A robot will do it regularly and efficiently for you.

The Robomow with its charge base

The Robomow with its charge base
Friendly Robotics

The consumer are usually happy with their robots. They save you a lot more work and last several years. Their warranty lasts two years, which is twice more than most home robots. And if you compare it to hiring a company, it actually saves a lot of money.

Other advantages are that the robot lawn mower is safe, environment friendly, saves you a lot of time and are super cool. These robots are safer than traditional lawn mowers since they stop automatically if they are not put on the ground. No way you could get cut with that. The way they cut grass in small pieces and use electric power makes them far more ecological than traditional ones. Of course the principle of buying a robot is that you don't mow anymore. You can finally have your week-end free of lawn mowing, and focus on entertainment. And they will attract your curious neighbors. Many owners report that their neighbors love to come and watch the magical robot during its working hours. They are also more quiet than traditional lawn mowers.

3) Now I want it! But which one?

I see you got interested, now. There are two main choices for your robot lawn mower: the price and the brand.

For the price, it usually depends on the size of your garden. The first price (1500 USD) will mow 500m squares. For bigger lawns, the price can go up to 2500 USD for 2000m squares. The most expensive is the Automower Hybrid by Husqvarna which is powered by batteries and solar power. I find the concept very cool as it can save a lot of energy and help the robot last longer on sunny days. But it's really for people with super big lawns only.

Next thing is the brand. I could find three brands: Husqvarna with the Automower series, Friendly Robotics with its Robomower series and Kyodo America with the Lawnbott series. Let's delete Lawnbott first since I found lots of bad reviews about the durability of the machines (it seems they are not built to last).

The Automower
The Automower from Husqvarna

The Automowers are more expensive than the Robomowers, but they have some different features. The Automowers are more quiet than Robomwers and can return automatically to the charging base. That means if your lawn is too big, it can just cut the work in half. I didn't find anywhere that the Robomower could do that, and since this the kind of feature they would show off, my guess is it doesn't. The Automower is also twice as light, with only 10kg compared to the 23kg of the Robomower.

So what are the advantages of the Robomower? This robot lawn mower is 200 USD cheaper in average than the equivalent Automower. That's around 10 to 15% cheaper, so it's worth spreading the word. Also, Robomower 1000 comes with a remote control to be sure you can finish the work if you have tricky areas in your lawn. And finally, it's got a catchy sales pitch: "Robomow: It mows. You don't." Simple, efficient, if it wasn't for copyright issues, I would use it myself on this page.

That's all guys. I hope you could find if a robot lawn mower is a fit for you, and which one is best. I was pretty impressed myself when I discover these things that they have actually been around for 10 years! (as long as the robot vacuum cleaner).

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