iRobot Scooba
The Best Robot Floor Scrubber

The iRobot Scooba is the best (and only) robot floor scrubber available on the market. It uses a complex cleaning process and the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner navigation technology to make your home a nicer place to live. Let's see how it works!

1) Does the iRobot Scooba vacuum the floor?

image from sbisson on Flickr
Robot Floor Scrubber Scooba

The short answer is 'No', but the long answer is 'Yes'. I mean, the Scooba floor cleaner is designed to mop and scrub your floor, not vacuuming. It actually works well in combination with the Roomba vacuum robot that gets the dust off first. It is just like using a vacuum cleaner and a mop: first the vacuum, then the mopping.

So why could I also say 'yes'? Because this robot floor scrubber has a special "4-stage cleaning system that prep, wash, scrub and squeegee" your floor. What does it mean for you?

The first stage is about sweeping the dirt away. The robot's sweeper is small and it's really just about taking the remaining dirt out of the way.

The second stage "washes" by laying some water on the floor. The water can be plain water, water with vinegar, or the Clorox Scooba cleaning solution. This last one seems quite popular and is of course strongly advised by iRobot. But it costs a few dollars more...

The third stage is the actual scrubbing. A plastic rotating brush replaces the main brush of the iRobot Roomba vacuum. It will gently brush the floor to take some of the dirt. It doesn't have to be very efficient to clean well: the robot goes randomly and passes several time at each place.

Scooba: the robot floor scrubber

image from {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} on Flickr

The fourth and final stage is the squeegeeing. Though the word sounds very weird for me, it just means the robot floor scrubber will suck the water back into the dirty water tank.

I guess now you understand how your Scooba robot floor cleaner will wash your bathroom/kitchen. It works on any floor you would use a mop on (Don't use it on unprotected wood!).

2) How to get it to last longer?

If you want your iRobot Scooba to work longer, you'd better take care of its battery. iRobot's piece of advice is to fully charge the battery before each use. That way it lasts more cleaning cycles. And the best way to charge the battery is from inside the robot, since the robot's software can stop the charging by itself once it's full.

Also, you may want to use your robot floor scrubber something like twice a week or more, because using it often is actually "healthy" for it. If you don't use it for more than 2 weeks, it is better to take off the battery and store it in a safe place.

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