Robot Floor Cleaner
3 Reasons to Get One

1) Your robot vacuums every day!

One cool thing when you have a robot floor cleaner is that it doesn't take more time to clean your floor everyday. Just push a button, and let it do the work.

For a complete free guide that covers from "why do you need a robot floor cleaner?" to "how to choose the best one?", scroll below or click this link to teleport yourself at the bottom of the page.

Robot floor cleaner lazyness

Some robot vacuum cleaners can even be scheduled to go everyday at a given time. You don't like when your robot makes noise when you're watching TV? Just schedule its work for when you're at work. It's that simple.

What if you just want to clean some particular place? (e.g. when dirtied the entrance with your shoes) You can often just use a remote to guide the robot. Or just put the robot at the right spot and turn it on. The Roomba and others have dirt detection to clean thoroughly very dirty spots.

2) Your robot vacuum cleaner will take care of the furniture

Your robot floor cleaner will take more care than you of the furniture. They go at a quiet pace and have bumpers that gently touch the walls and even your feet. In case your robot touches an obstacle, it will go 2 cm backward, and then turn around. The best vacuuming robots even stop right before touching.

Roomba: the best robot floor cleaner

A recurrent problem I had, especially with canister vacuums, is that it would always bump in the walls and table feet. It was just too hard to pull it in a straight line.

Plus, I would always try to get it done as fast as I could (who likes vacuuming, right?), and you know what happens in that case: you end up hitting your furniture with the wand again and again.

Your robot is never hurried. Its only purpose is to vacuum your room and it'll take the time it needs. It will never harm your furniture.

3) Your robot vacuum cleaner will free up so much time

How much time do you spend vacuuming in a year? For me, it used to take some 15 min a week (my apartment in Tokyo is very small!). With my robot floor cleaner, I save more than 17 hours in a year.

Now, I have a very small apartment, and I plan to get a bigger one some day (you know, when I have a job and some money...). A robot vacuum cleaner can easily free you a work week worth of time.

You thought your old vacuum cleaner was a time saver? Your robot will take it to a whole new level.

Robot floor cleaner VS vacuum

Do you need a robot floor cleaner?

It is important to choose the best robot vacuum for your home. But there are many, many robots to choose from.

But don't worry, I have done extensive research to choose the best one for you.

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