Robot Films: My Top 3

Robot films are cool, and just like everyone, I want to share my own favorites. It will be useful for people who want to see some cool robot movies that they haven't already seen. I didn't choose blockbusters like Star Wars, Transformers and Terminator because though they're good, many people have already seen them. (If you haven't, DO!).

Now, if you are a fan of robot movies, I know what's coming: "Why you didn't put that one?" "This one is just crap!"... And while everyone likes to share their favorite picks, not everyone has a website to impose them to the world like me. (He! He!) So here is the deal: if you don't like my list, if you have a different one, or if you have different reasons to love a movie, go straight to the bottom of the page and write your own. It will create a new page that will be part of this website and that everyone can see.

So now let's start with Number 3!

3- Metropolis

While there are many robot films, not many of them have the same depth, the same scale (and the same length) as the first robot movie ever: Metropolis. Directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, the movie takes place in a city that has obviously inspired the many science-fiction movies like Blade Runner, The 5th Element and others.

Robot films Metropolis

The Machine-Man... It's Evil!

What does it talk about? Nothing, it's a silent movie. But it explores topics such as the Babel Tower, the society gaps between workers and administrators, faith and religion, progress and science... I know only few movies that go into so many directions with such depth and talent. And the female robot impersonating Maria is one of the most evil ever made, pushing a whole society to the edge of destruction by itself.

Why Nb 3 then? Because you can not make such a good movie in 1 hour. The version I saw was 2 hours and a half of silent movie, which is hard to swallow for a young man raised with 24 min cartoons like me. But you, you are now warned about it, and can prepare yourself.

2- Forbidden Planet

The Good, the Sexy and the Robot. Do I have to say more?
Robot Films Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet is a movie for UFO lovers. From all robot films I've seen, it is the strangest one. The whole movie features this music made of weird sounds and everything that happens is so... strange!

The robot is a little strange too, but mostly awesome and funny. Robbie the Robot doesn't just do whatever you say, it can also make everything you ask: from food to dresses and alcohol.

And of course, the space ship commander is a playboy while the crazy scientist's daughter is super sexy.

Finally, the plot is very surprising and some graphics are really breathtaking, which makes Forbidden Planet one of the best robot films overall.

1- Bicentennial Man

I don't know if many people will agree with this one, since it is one of the few robot films with no action sequence at all.

This is the story of the oldest man in (future) history, who spent most of his life as a robot actually.

A family buys the latest maid humanoid robot, but get a very special one that has emotions and creativity. Soon, the robot will want to become more and more humans, and goes on a quest toward humanity. It will lead him (and us along) to understand more about what is being human.

Robot Films Forbidden Planet

Can robots be in love?

This robot movie has great dialogs, is funny and will please all the family. Among all robot films I know, this is maybe the only one that I would advise to anyone (kids, men, women, parents, grand-parents...). I think such a universal movie deserves the first place of my top 3.

What's YOUR Top 3 Robot Films?

You don't agree with my list?
Do you want to share your pearls among robot films?
Or do you want to focus on a theme? (ex: top 3 killer robot movies)
Make your list, explain why you love them, and share with the world.

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