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If you have a question about robots, come to the Robot FAQ. No need to go to Yahoo Answers anymore (though I do answer some questions over there too). On this page, you will first find a list of basic articles that should answer many questions. But if you don't find the right information, you can ask your very own question at the end of the page and help me grow the FAQ.

1) Robots: Definition and Origins

This first part focuses on the definition and the background of robots and robotics. Sometimes people don't know exactly what I am talking about when I say robots. So check this out if you are not sure either (or if I put the doubt into you).

  • What are Robots? And what they're not.
  • What was the first robot? But do you want to know who invented robots, or who created the first one?
  • What are the different types of robots? From Industrial Robots, to Humanoids, robots can be very different.
Robot FAQ

My robots an I will answer all your questions.

2) Robots and Ethics

Robots and Artificial Intelligence raise a lot of ethical questions of their own. I often read in blog comments or forums that robots are an evil thing, will take your jobs before taking over the Earth... So in this part of the Robot FAQ, I try to answer these difficult questions with my own words and thoughts. Other people may have different opinions, feel free to give yours by using the invitation at the bottom of this page.

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? And what do you call intelligence anyway?
  • Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Think, or Feel? But you may wonder why you are thinking too. At least I am!
  • Are Robots a good thing? Robots take jobs, are sent on the battlefield... So should we create them in the first place?
  • Robots: "he" or "she"? Fembots and ultra realistic robots are being developed. Do they deserve a name?

3) Personal Robot, Hobby Robot

In this section of the Robot FAQ, I want to give people a starting point on how to get/build your own robot. I don't build robots myself, but I know some good resources, and I have a few advices for you before you buy your soldering kit.

  • What are the different types of Hobby Robots?You don't always need to know about electronics to have fun. Lego Mindstorms and other options are available.
  • What are the best resources to build your own robot? If you go the hard way, you may need some help. And I want to gather the best resources here.

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