Robot Dog, Robotic Pets And Other Advanced Animal Robots

A robot dog like Aibo is the kind of robotic pets that can animate your home for years. But it's not the only one. Over the years, a whole lot of pet robots have been developed, like the dinosaur robot, and many cool robot toys.

But animal robots are not only dogs and pets. You can find that the best of robotics can be used to create great 4-legged robots or very tiny robotic bugs.

So let's discover them all here. First the dogs, then the other pets, then the rest of animal robots. Click on the links for more details on each.

The Robot Dog

Do you remember Aibo? Aibo was a robot dog created by Sony in 1999, but stopped selling in 2006. This robot is a great pet to entertain the home. It has an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allowed it to learn as it spent time with you. You can still find some on eBay mainly, and some other second hand shops.

The Aibo robot dog

Image from Wikipedia Commons

Today, you can get a Genibo instead. It is not an Aibo, as Genibo's AI is quite different in the way it learns and all. It is also a great robot dog that can really learn to be your pet.

The dog robot pets. You wish your animal robot was a great dog pet? Check these 2 awesome robots with advanced AI.

If you don't care about robotic pets, there is also an awesome robot called BigDog Robot developed by Boston Dynamics for the army. The robot is nearly one meter tall, and use super advanced technologies to control the legs. The robot can walk/run in the wild, in the snow, and through the land for 10 miles, while carrying 50 kgs of luggage. Quite cool isn't it?

BigDog robot. This is the most advanced legged robot, and I explain all it's awesome features here.

More Robotic Pets for Your Home

Not interested in army robots, and Genibo is too expensive for you? It's okay, there are many other robotic pets around for a wide range of prices and possibilities. Some are like the Aibo robot dog in that they can learn and be programmed, while other are much more simple.

You want a few examples: WowWee has a whole set of robotic plushes that can react a little to your kid's care. Some are much more like cool robot toys: the MyKeepon comes to mind. MyKeepon is a yellow blob that can react to touch a little, and dance in synchronization with your music. It's the perfect robotic pet for your car.

My list of top 10 robotic pets. It covers all price range and abilities. Or check out the new furbies, they are so irresistible!

Robotic Pets: Pleo the dinosaur robot

If you just want the best robotic pets while keeping it in a relatively affordable range, my favorite robotic pet is the Pleo dinosaur robot. It's the kind of pet robot that can learn, react to many stimuli thanks to a dozen sensors, and can even be programmed at home with the specific SDK (Software Development Kit). Perfect for both kids and adults alike.

The dinosaur robot pets. Check out the Pleo and Little Inu robotic pets. Cheaper than Aibo, and still a lot of awesome features.

Robotic Bugs, Robot Fish, and Others

There are many more animal robots out there. Scientists and hobbyists alike are inspired by animals to create new kinds of locomotions. Just like you don't want to reinvent the wheel, you don't have to reinvent what millions of years of evolution optimized for so many animals.

Imitating animals can help achieve more adaptable designs. For example, you can find a Japanese snake robot that can move on the ground and swim under water. Legged robots can often go where wheels can't, like in the stairs or on rough grounds.

Animal robots inspired by nature. Find out how nature and animals have inspired the greatest robotic designs.

The Jessiko Robot Fish

The robot fish is another example. A French team of engineers developed a small robot fish that can swim in aquariums along real fishes. The robot is made to swim in shoals without bumping each other or the walls. Plus, it's a joy to watch.

The Jessiko robot fish. Discover the Jessiko Robot fish through an interview with its creator Christophe Tiraby.

Finally, let's talk about robotic bugs. Bugs are small and simple creatures that can achieve great complexity together. A lot of research has been spent on ants, and some robotic research tries to recreate the behavior of insects: it's called swarm robotics. How to control a 1000 independent robots and make them work together without centralized command center.

Robotic bugs also make for very cool robot toys. They are cheap, and can often be made easily when sold in kits. A large collection of toy robotic bugs is now available in many shops.

Robotic bugs are invading the world. Find out how robotics were created, and why you will soon find them in your home.

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