Learn Robotics
With a Robot Arm Kit

A robot arm kit is a great tool to learn and experiment with your first robot.

There are many cool projects you can build with a robotic arm, and you can really test if you understood basic robotic courses like forward/inverse kinematics.

Actually, robotics started mostly with robotic arms for the industry, and showing some experience in controlling robotic arms can be a good point on your resume too.

Now let's see some kits you could buy, as well some project ideas to get you started.

Which Robot Arm Kit to Get Started

How much do you want to spend on your robot arm kit? Actually, you can find some very cheap kits that are well suited for children and adults alike.

The OWI Robotic Arm Edge kit is one of the best. It is shipped with a remote control for about $50, but you can get the programming software and a USB cable and make your own programs with it.

There is no soldering involved, but you have to connect all the motors to the circuit board controller and so on. It's very fun to build these kind of kits for kids. This robot arm is a really cheap way to start learning about robotics.

My first robot arm kit

My first robot was a Lynxmotion robot arm kit.

Another maker of robotic arms for hobbyists is Lynxmotion. They make more serious kits, and you may need some soldering (I know I did). It will have a little more power, and the hardware is more accurate and all. It's also more expensive of course, but is a very good choice too. You can find them at Lynxmotion official website.

What Can You Do With Your Robotic Arm?

Okay, here is a short list of projects you can make with your robot arm kit:

  • implement inverse kinematics on your robot, and control your robot to go up/down with your mouse, instead of controlling each motor one by one,
  • with a touch sensor or switch button, make your robot automatically pick up and object when you put on the sensor,
  • teach your robot to write, make it write message when you send a Tweet to tell whoever is at home the message,
  • create a dance choregraphy with your robot arm,
  • connect a Kinect, and make your robot follow the movements of your arm,
  • put your robot on a mobile platform (like a Roomba, to make a mobile robot arm,
  • make your mobile robot tidy your room, so that it can finally be useful to mankind.

I am pretty sure this list of projects can keep you occupied for a while, and most of them don't need anything more than your robot and a computer. Only the last 3 need an expensive addition like a Kinect or mobile robot.

If you make some of these projects, or have some other ideas, please share your pictures and videos on About-Robots.com Facebook Page. I would love to see them.

3 More Good Reasons to Get a Robot Arm Kit

a giant robot arm kit

This robotic arm is 5m tall, can carry 1300 kg. Controls are mostly the same.

  1. Controlling a robotic arm uses the same principles if you have your small kit, a humanoid robot, or a giant industrial robotic arm that can carry 1300 kgs.
  2. By implementing inverse kinematics and other routines, you will study most of the basics of robotics that will be useful for any robotics project, college course or job.
  3. you can easily put your robot arm on a mobile platform and make really awesome projects once you start getting bored with your robotic arm. And you'll already have all the controls for the arm and be able to focus on moving and targeting.

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