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Softbank announced the Pepper robot price during the Pepper Tech Festival on September 20th 2014. So how much does the Pepper robot cost?

Pepper available to developers for 2000$+100$/month for 3 years. More info...

Tweet: Pepper available to developers for 2000$+100$/month for 3 years. More info...

The Pepper Creator Edition they announced will cost ¥198'000 + ¥9'800/month. That's about $1'800 + $89/month in US currency. You have to pay the monthly cost for 36 months, so the total cost for pepper robot would be ¥550'800 or $5'050 over 3 years.

Pepper robot price illustrationThe official Pepper robot price

As a comparison, an Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch: 2.8GHz with Retina display costs $1800 too. However, 3 years warranty would add up to about $750.

What is included for this price?

Of course, for that price you get the robot with its charger. But that's not all. The Pepper robot price covers many more services and tools for you to create the best pepper apps.

The SDK is included and contains 2 parts: a set of APIs to control the robot, and a graphical IDE (Choregraphe) to make it super easy to build apps.

There are about 1350 APIs (methods and events) to control the robot and react to the environment. That allows the user to focus on really creating a new service without really knowing how to control a robot specifically.

At the same time, you have access to raw sensor data to create your own algorithms from the ground up. Lasers, cameras (2D or 3D), microphones, ... Use them all as you like to hook them into your own system!

Pepper trying to work on a PCPepper is ready to work!

Next thing you get are the Cloud services. The robot is able to recognize what you say using his brain alone, but the Cloud Speech Recognition engine increases the reliability dramatically.

The second Cloud service is the Robot Management tool, that allows to set the robot version, what apps you install on it, and other very convenient functions.

Finally, 2 very important services included are repair and disposal. If your robot gets broken, it will get repaired by Aldebaran teams.

And if one day you want to get rid of your robot, Softbank will take care of it. That disposal is important considering the size of the robot, and the difficulty in Japan to get rid of appliances.

Where can I get one?

Now that you know the Pepper robot price and what's included, you probably decided if you want to get one!

The robot is only available in Japan for as far as is planned. If you are in the US, it was mentioned that Sprint (owned by Softbank Group) could start deploy them in the US late next year, but there were no really official announcement.

The Pepper Creator Edition was made available at the Pepper Tech Festival. They announced that only a few hundred units would be available so far, in front of a crowd of 1200 raving fans.

What follows is a little complicated, and covers the period of Sept 2014 to Feb 2015.

The first beta units are available for rental from October to December. Then I think it will be replaced by newer units? I am not sure, my Japanese is not perfect...

The next units will be delivered from November 2014. These units will be actually owned by the dev.

One more rule: people who were at the Tech Festival have priority. Since more than 500 people ordered a Pepper on that day, it will probably be very hard for others to get one.

If you live in Japan, you can order them on this page:

!IMPORTANT NOTICE! I usually get redirected to their English homepage (because my browser is EN?), in that case click on Japanese at the top right of the page, then re-click on this link.

For all other people in Japan, the robot should become available to purchase from February 2015. The Pepper robot price may or may not change by then.

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Would you buy it for this price? What apps would you like to see created on Pepper? Drop me a comment below to tell us what you think.

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