Nao Robot Price
How much does the Nao robot cost?

by Sebastien

Nao Robot Price

Nao Robot Price

I get the question asked quite often. So here is the answer: (UPDATED SUMMER 2014)

Nao is available for about $8000 now. All the robots come with the software and SDK to program it.

You can compare with the Pepper robot's price here.

You can pay a little more to have the right to upload applications on the Store, so that other people can buy it. The fee for uploading your apps is covering Aldebaran's costs to fully test and give you feedback on your application. This process allows to increase the global quality of the apps available to future end-users.

Nao V5 comes with only one version. There are no more "Torso only" versions of Nao. With legs, arms and hands, it has 25 Dofs. So it can move freely around, pick up objects, detect when it falls and all the other cool stuffs you see in the videos (like Nao tele-grooming the cat).

Before you could join the Nao Developer Program. The Nao robot price was much cheaper, and you will be part of a unique community of developers on the edge of technology. Note that this special prize was only available to a select few passionate people ready to spend time programming their own apps. This was not for organizations, research centers and schools. Today, all users have access to the same software, support and community features.

Aldebaran is always looking for more developers to explore app ideas on Nao, and help push the limits of what personal robots can do.

Clearly, you will have to work on your Nao to really have fun with it, as it's not a toy just yet. That's why Aldebaran Robotics is not selling it to everyone just yet: they would be really disappointed. They focus on people who are deliberately looking for a robot to work with, not just play with. But if you want to be a pioneer and participate to the beginning of the robotic age, it's clearly the way to go.

Finally, just to be clear, here is how much your Nao robot costs:

Nao Robot Price for labs: $8000 for the complete version.
Nao Robot Price for the Nao Developer Program: now it is the same as academics and other users. And you get the same features, unless you pay to have access to the store.

Note that next year, Pepper will be available for purchase by everyone in Japan for about $1900 (exactly 198000 Yen). And this time, no need to be a programmer, everyone will be able to enjoy the emotional robot at home.

I hope this help. There is one thing I don't talk about here: how much does it cost to make a Nao team for the Standard Robot League of Robot Soccer? If someone knows how it works, please add a comment below.

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Comments for Nao Robot Price
How much does the Nao robot cost?

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Finally ...
by: Brad

This made me happy, I was looking for price tags and every site I went to just threw out the most expensive prices. 12,000 euros, $16,000, etc ... It was nice to read someone who broke down it was used for different things in different places and that the price was dependent on that.

Would loved to have one
by: Neil

Hi. This would be nice for my two daughters but it is still too expensive. This would be nice to save some of my characteristics and the way a speak so every time I go out on military missions, my wife and daughters won't missed that much. Great job to you all.

Nao in Schools
by: Bedford Teacher of Technology

I have just returned from the Gadget show in Birmingham where I saw the Nao doing some pretty great stuff. I'd love to get my school involoved, it would be perfect for STEM activities and would really engage many of my student. It is nice to see that you can buy a limited version for a cheaper price. To be honest 12K is still a lot for most school and the only way we could purchase it is to fundraise.

I like the Nao
by: justin

The Nao robot is so cool but i wish the price went down to about $390.

I LOVE theNAO!!!!!!!!!!
by: justin

I'm trying to go on AFV to win $100,000 to get a 6 naos.I LOVE THE NAO!

For kids
by: Lisa

My 6 year old saw the Nao robot he thinks its a toy and he wishes I'd buy him one. Unfortunately it's too expensive and no a toy for kids. My 11 year old would get the most out of it though, he's fascinated by your Nao robot and the things it can do for schools.

Lisa from NJ

I LOVE NAO!!!!!!!!!!
by: Zan

I am a huge robot fan and I always try to find new robots and one day I saw NAO and I knew I wanted it from that day but when I found out the price I was really sad I am only 11 years old but I have a passion for robots I have programed many mind storms ev3 robots before so I am pretty good at programming if any of you guys can buy one for me just send me a e mail

by: Caroline

would i be able to buy one here in south africa because they would not be cheap they would cost like 120000 rand or if i would want the cheap one i would have to spend 40000 rand oh god

by: Anonymous

nao v5 cost 8000 dollar

by: Anonymous

a robot like nao for 390 dollar is not a realistic prize..i found one for 2500 euro a v3.3
so if you look daily the internet you will find one.

by: Jill

Nice to know. I want the robot, but not for any honorable reason.
I thought it would be cool to have the little dude follow me around campus when i go from class to class.
But if i bought it at that price i wouldn't let him walk, lest someone steps on it or it gets run over by a car.

i would like one
by: Anonymous

i was interested in the robot as i have just read an article about it being used with children with Cerebral Palsy and my son has that and is severely disabled. i thought it might be helpful to him. he also has very little communication. i think i will have to wait until it becomes cheap though.

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by: Anonymous

I think the price is over rated for a robot. I don't understand human nature, this money could have been spent on poor homeless people, BUT NO, ITS Just a BLOODY NO. You want the future to be beautiful, and safe for that you can forsake your's and others future. 8000 can completely change some poor person's life but NO!!!! We want to save our stupid voice over the machine so that people can remember you after you die. There are other ways to be remembered as well, do good deeds. Why do you want your children be tortured while you are no more in this world. I dont understand the human nature at all. Its full of lust and greed.
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Help for kids with autism NEW
by: Anonymous

I would love to have this robot for my grandson. He is autistic and has trouble speaking. He can speak and goes to a traditional school, however, he is bored most of the time. I would like to see something like this robot put in place for kids with problems speaking, social or cognative problems to assist them in progressing. My grandson is very very smart and amazes us tremendously, that is why I think if he had one he could actually show you a thing or two. Good luck with your very popular NAO robot.

Impressive Article NEW
by: Rosy Malhotra

Good to be here and i wanna say thanks for provide this informative stuff. Thanks for this.

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