Nao Robot Dance: Echo

by Sebastien

Nao Robot Dance Echo

Nao Robot Dance Echo

This is a unique Nao robot dance I made based on the music called "Echo". The music is free to use in games, and a game is what I intend to do.

First here is the video:

This dance is quite simple compared to what Aldebaran Robotics animators like Valentin can do. But it still took me a whole week-end to do, with my wife giving advice and feedback all along.

As it is my first dance, I didn't try to make any equilibrium motions, although they would certainly fit well in the middle of the song.

I focused mostly on repeatable motions, which makes it a lot faster to create this minute of dance. So creating dances really take a long time to make, and even more time to make it right.

In this video I didn't use the LEDs. That is because I will use the LEDs for the game I am creating.

The dance will be used in an adaptation of Dance Dance Revolution for the Nao robot dance. It will use the sensors on the head, hands, and feet.

A few tips if you need to make your own dance with Nao:
- find music with usage rights. A good place where I found music is . That way you can easily redistribute your dance to other people, even sell it.
- it is not easy to make Nao move his legs, and you can not make Nao walk or turn around gracefully. But with some experience, you can make awesome acrobatic movements.
- Nao is small robot, which allows it to go quite fast, a lot faster than I did. But don't forget to make sure it doesn't fall because of inertia.
- Divide your dance into several boxes. It helps finding parts and testing your dance. You can also change the start frame and end frame in each box to test very specific parts of your animation.

The song in the dance was made by Szymat on

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