Should YOU Get the Litter Robot?

The Litter Robot (LRII) is more than just a self-cleaning cat litter box. It's a fully automated robot that will let you forget the litter cleaning and may even save you some money. Of course this shiny piece of technology will come with a few drawbacks, such as a different price range. So let's go down with it: bright side, dark side and the very truth about the robot. What is it? How this high-tech cat litter box work? And most important: is this the right fit for you (and your cat)?

1) How does the Litter Robot get the waste away?

Litter robot with cat

I've lived with a cat for ten years, and I loved spending time with her in front of the TV, or putting her on my bed to warm it in winter... When she was young, she would always go outside and the need for a litter box was far, far away. But then she grew older and lazier, and the need for a cat litter box came. But along with the litter box came the need for cleaning the box, and THAT was not cool...

Now I've lived my parents home to go after robots, and I discovered something along the way: the Litter Robot. At first, you may think that the Litter Robot is just big machine that somehow cleans itself. Well, in that case, that would just be a self-cleaning litter box.

But it does more than that: it actually has sensors to "feel" when the cat goes out of the box. It will then turn and buzz to get rid of the wastes thanks to a clever system of filter and waste box. More precisely, the cat comes in and does his/her business. Then the cat goes out, and steps on a pressure sensor on the way. 7 minutes later, the round tank starts to turn upside down. A filter lets the litter pass but gets the rest. Once the two are separated, the undesirable part is dropped in the drawer under the box, which can now return to its previous position. The home robot is now ready for its next guest. The 7 minutes waiting time is there to let the cat be long gone before running (and avoid scaring the cat, I think).

What's left to do for you? Just take the wastes at least once a week (the wastes don't disappear just yet) and change the litter sometimes (I've read something like once a month).

2) 5 reasons to get a Litter Robot LRII

Take a look inside the litter robot.
From Dave Friedel on Flickr
Inside the Litter Robot

1) No more worrying about the litter. With this automated litter box doing most of the hard work for you, all you have left to do is pick up the drawer (or the plastic bag you have put inside) and put the wastes away. How simple is that?

2) Save money on the litter! With the litter constantly filtered by the system, it stays clean longer. You may have to change the litter only once a month if you just one or two cats. Maybe "saving" money is a little strong though, if you consider the price of the robot.

3) No more smell! With the smelly parts disappearing as soon as they appear, there are no more problems of smell in your house or apartment. That's a major improvement for your home.

4) It's ecological. The Litter Robot will save the planet in 3 different ways: if you opt for the gray (eco) robot, more than 80% of the plastic used is recycled. If you live in the US, you save on shipping CO2 (and cost with free shipping) since the robot is produced in the US. Finally, if you use it (!), you save on the litter, which saves the sand of the planet (or whatever material is used there)...

5) 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee. Satisfied or satisfied: if your cats (or you) don't like their new personal robot, you can give it back (only if you bought it from their website, though).

3) And the reasons not to have it?

First, your cat should be between 5 and 15lbs (2.2 to 7kg). Otherwise, the robot may work without knowing a small cat is inside, or it may be too narrow for the big cat.

Then, your cat has to use it. Indeed, while most cats will use it without problems, some will ignore it for ever. I guess that's why there is the money-back guarantee. The site gives some tips on how to teach your cat.

Finally, even if your cat uses it, s/he may not know how to do. The cat is supposed to go inside, turn and do her/his thing with the head outside. But sometimes, the cat will not turn, which may end up in some pee and poo all over the entrance... The work to clean it kills the help from the litter robot. Again, most cats just use it naturally.


The litter robot II will save you valuable time (valuable since the time spent on the old litter box was not a funny one). It will take some place in your home, so small apartments beware.

The robot comes in 3 different colors and 2 different styles. The colors are Beige, Black and Gray (gray being made out of recycled plastics), and the style are normal or bigger globe. The whole thing costs around 330 USD, and is shipped freely in the US if you order from their website .

Now, all I can do is wish you to enjoy even more the life along with your cat!

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