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Want to learn robotics? I want to make robotics courses just for you. But I need to know what you want/need.

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What would you like to learn the most?
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How to build a robot from scratch?
How to make awesome projects with Lego Mindstorms (or another platform)?
How to program your robots to make it clever?

Which lessons would like to see in a perfect robotics course?
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Getting Started With Arduino
Building Your First Robot With Arduino
How To Design A Good Arduino Robot
Getting Started With Lego Mindstorms
5 Cool Projects For Lego Mindstorms
Create A Remote Control For Your Robot
Teach Your Robot To Avoid Walls
Teach Your Robot To Fetch The Ball
Program Your Robot To Learn Its Way Around
Turn Your PC Into A Robot

Tell me any other lessons and topics ideas you would absolutely need?

What would be the best platform for this robotics course?
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Books and manuals
E-Course with a teacher in a limited period
Membership site

If I proposed a course containing all the topics
and chapters you chose above, would you pay for it?
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No, it's already everywhere else for free
No, I would never pay for a course on robotics
No (other reason)

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