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Sometimes, I really wish I had some home robots to do the housekeeping for me. Usually the feeling comes when I see the dishes piled up in the sink, after dinner. Or when I enter the bathroom with my sponge as the only weapon against the dirt.

I know I am lazy. Of course I can put a lot of effort for something I like. But when it comes to wash the dishes, sweep the floor or clean the bathroom... Let's just say it's not MY thing.

Hopefully, soon will come the day where Humankind will be freed from this misery! It starts slowly, but it's coming.

1) Vacuum robots...

A Chinese home robot vacuum cleaner

The first domestic robots to help you in your daily life are the vacuum cleaning robots. You may know about the iRobot Roomba vacuum robot, or not. Anyway there are more and more of these vacuum robots out there, and they're getting as common as the old traditional vacuum cleaners. Their efficiency is now proven: these flat cleaning robots know how to avoid obstacles and are small enough to go under the bed and other furniture. No more bending under the table! No more crawling under the bed! +1 for home robots, -1 for housekeeping.
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2) And so much more!

From there, let's review the other home robots that may interest you. I made it a list here, to show you the possibilities, and it's growing faster and faster.

Robots can:

  • be your companion, like the Pepper Robot, or the Jibo Family Robot,
  • wash your floor, like the Scooba robot floor scrubber,
  • Clean your pool, like the pool robot from iRobot,
  • Cut your evergreen, ever growing lawn (Click here for the robot lawn mower),
  • Clean your gutter when it's full of leaves (gutter cleaning robot),
  • Bring tea to your guest. Note that if you're not Japanese or British, you can use coffee (or whiskey...) (the tea robot),
  • Entertain your kids in many ways (robot toys),
  • Iron your clothes (ironing robot),
  • Make your grandpa feel less lonely (well, it's actually a big market, whatever you think of the morale part) (robots for disabled people),
  • Telepresence (the new upgrade after Skype) (check out telepresence robots),
  • Make you feel more relaxed with soft massages (wheeme massage robot).
  • Clean itself after the cat did its thing. Find here about the cat Litter Robot.

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3) The perfect robot maid?

Ok. By now the floor is cleaned, even in the pool. The grass is cut, the tea is served... But my dishes are still piling up! Well, home robots are not yet able to wash the dishes...

But they do! For about 300'000 euros, you may want to get an HRP-2. It's a Japanese robot that can cook, wash dishes, serve you a glass of water and so much more. The service support is excellent, though a little expensive: a few dozens PhDs and engineers are working on these tasks just in my university. I read on the net that in Japan, they're planning to get their maid robots by 2020. That means season 16 of Desperate Housewives will become Desperate House Robots... Sounds more interesting, already.

Future home robots will serve you well

Left: HRP-2 can bring you some plates.
Right: PR-2 can bake you a cookie.

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