Cubix Robots for Everyone!

While I was watching Cubix Robots for Everyone, I first thought I wouldn't be able to go until the end of the first season. The plots were not very good, and the fights too quick. But as I had to do some "research" for this review, I found that from the 5th episode, this kid robot cartoon is actually very delighting. In the end, I even recommend this animation for most elementary school and middle school children.

Now let's see what it is about and what I liked about this robot animation series.

1) Cubix Robots for Everyone: the plot

Cubix, Connor and there friends!

In the future, Connor is a passionate hobby roboticist who lives with his father... who hates robots! Together they move in BubbleTown, the city with the highest density of robots in the World. Here everyone has its own personal robot, which can also become your best friend thanks to the EPU: Emotion Processing Unit. Conner will now meet new friends, both humans and robots. But his best discovery and friend will be Cubix, the mysterious modular (and invincible) robot.

But strange events soon start to appear in BubbleTown. Connor leads the investigation with his new friends and together they will fight the terrible (or terribly funny) Dr K and its Colossum!

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2) What I like about the show

The pictures are colorful and unique.
Cubix Robots for Everyone: the main characters

Cubix Robots for Everyone will first surprise by its graphics. The show is entirely made of 3D models that look more like a video game than a cartoon. It is very colorful and gives it a unique feel that will make it stand out from many cartoons or animations that just look like each other.

While the beginning is slow, from the 5th episode, we get a lot of diversity in the battles, as Dr K will use all kinds of killer robots to go after Conner and the team. The last 3 episodes of the first season are more than half of fighting scenes, and it's very funny to see how naive and helpless the kids are when they are attacked. But they usually get out of troubles pretty well.

While there are many fighting scenes, there is absolutely no violence. Only the robots fight, and no robot was permanently harm during the shooting of the series. That alone makes Cubix Robots for Everyone a good choice for parents who are worried about what their kids watch.

The 2ndary characters are very original and different. From the robot schizophrene to the pyromaniac fireman robot, they are always interesting to see. My favorite is Magnetix, the robot rapper.

3) Who is it for?

Cubix Robots for Everyone is for... everyone! OK, I stop kidding. It is a good robot cartoon, though, so I think all kids (at least boys, since its mainly about fighting and robots) will love it. From 8 to 15, it should be alright, but I don't have kids of my own to test, so if some parents could contact me and tell me what is the good age range, that would help me a lot (really!).

Hopefully, you can watch Cubix Robots for Everyone online for free on Youtube and see for yourself. I watched the whole first season on Youtube myself.

Cubix will take many shapes to stay on top of things

4) What was disappointing?

As I say, the first few episodes are not so catchy. So hang on and I think by episode Nb 5 you should get a better feeling. My favorite episodes were the number 8 and the 3 episodes of the season ending (especially 11).

There are very few dialogs, and they are usually of low quality. Maybe they are good for 10 year old kids. For me, I felt like it was a good thing that they "focused on action", and not on words. The episode 6 is the worst because they failed to make an episode based on good dialogs. Also, it's possible that some meaning got lost in poor translations.

The Evil Dr K and his Kolossum
Cubix Robots for Everyone: the evil ones

As there are not many dialogs, you don't get to know much about some things that look interesting. Like what is "solex" and where it comes from. I saw only the first season of Cubix Robots for Everyone, so they may give some answers in the next season.

That's it for this review. I hope you (or your kids) enjoy the show!

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