TOP 3 Cartoon Robots

Ready for a good high-tech laugh? My Top 3 Cartoon Robots will surprize you for sure. There was a huge choice for choosing the best 3 robots, but in the end it came naturally.

Also, you'll find lots of robot pictures and images to remind of the best moments with your favorite cartoons and animation movies.

Read on!

3- Bender Bending Rodriguez - Futurama

Bender and his best friend Fry
Cartoon robots Bender
Bender is the worst robot ever! First, it is dangerous. It's goal in life is to kill all humankind and rule the world. Plus it nearly destroyed the world more than once because of its experiments.
The Robot Mafia
Cartoon Robots gangsters
Then, Bender is lazy. If you want a robot to do all your chores, don't get Bender. Of all cartoon robots, here is the only one that would rather steal your money than work for you.
Bender has some suicidal issues
Cartoon robots Bender suicide
This robot comes from Futurama, a hilarious cartoon that you have to see. You will discover a thousand service robots that may serve you in a thousand years, from the sexy (according to Bender) vending machine robot to the Robot Mafia. Laugh guaranteed at each episode.
The Robot Devil
Cartoon robots devil

2- Wall-E and Eve: the cutest robot couple!

Have you ever thought about what will happen to the robots once mankind is gone or extinct?
Wall-E recycling wheel-tracks.
Cartoon Robots Wall-E Picture
Hundreds of year after people are gone, Wall-E spends a lonely industrious robotic life cleaning the Earth endlessly. But all is changed once Eve comes in play. Eve is a cute robotic probe that will shake the mechanical heart of Wall-E. Together, they will save humankind and spread a wave of cuteness upon your screen.
Cartoon robots: Wall-E and Eve
Why are these 2 cartoon robots so cute? The big expressive eyes of Wall-E and their limited vocabulary are helping for sure. But I think the most moving part about them is how these 2 helpless little robots will show so much courage and wit to go against their enemies and stay together.
How can it be so cute?
Cartoon Robots: cute Wall-E
Wall-E is one of the best cartoons of the last 10 years, and will stay in your memories for ever. Don't miss it! Also, Wall-E products can make great gift ideas for your kids. The plan: show them the movie 1-2 weeks before the Birthday/Christmas or event, and then offer an animated figurine or Remote Controle Wall-E at the event. And please tell me if it works, I have no kids to test myself... Want more robot animations: check out my review of Cubix Robots for Everyone.

1- Chief Knock-A-Homer in Robot Rumble

Cartoon robots: Robot Rumble
Listen to Homer: "There is nothing worse than a look at a boy's face when he says: 'Dad, I don't think you can build a fully functional robot'."
A big hurray to Chief Knock-A-Homer
Chief Knock-A-Homer
While Homer couldn't build the special unique killer robot that would win the Robot Rumble for his son, he did more: he became the robot Chief Knock-A-Homer!
"Killing him softly with his saw."
Cartoon robots picture
Frankly, if you like robot battles and the Simpsons, then Robot Rumble features the best robot cartoons I saw. Plus, seeing Homer bravely fight against all these killing machines is so much fun. As a bonus, here are some of the many robots I spotted in the simpsons. The Treehouse of Horror (yearly Halloween specials) episodes often feature deadly robots like: killer robots from amusement park (twice), the HAL psycho home robot, and the giant Lard Lad Mascot that comes to life...
Cartoon robots dance
Cartoon robots: Ralph-o-Cop
Cartoon Robots Astrobart

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