Best way to study robotics in Japan?

by karthick
(coimbatore,tamil nadu,india.)

I wish to do robotics in tokyo. But my parents afraid it would cost high studying it. Your suggestion about it?

Sebastien's answer

You can study robotics in Japan without any money. Look for the Japanese embassy nearest to you, and try to find the Monbusho Scholarship program (or Monbukagakusho). You should apply soon, and then you will actually be paid to study your passion!

That's exactly what I have done, and the scholarship is good enough to cover ALL your expenses during your stay in Japan (the rent, the food, and even some vacations once in a while).

And Japan is a great place to study robotics. Almost every major universities in Japan have a robotics department: University of Tokyo (I'm here!), University of Keyio, Waseda and Tsukuba and Tokodai for Tokyo, then you have Kyto University, University of Osaka, University of Sendai, etc... All these universities have robotics labs that accept foreign students.

Please note that not all Japanese speak English, so when you apply to a lab, choose one when there are already some foreigners. Teachers and students there will be more likely to speak English, and therefore the whole degree will be much easier to get through.

Learning Japanese is necessary in my opinion, at least enough to chat a little with Japanese people. Research can be conducted in English where I study, and I think most universities are trying to make it possible.

I hope the idea of getting paid for studies in a country where robotics is really advanced will motivate some of you guys to make the jump.

You can ask more questions by using one of the links below ("Click here to post your comments" one"). I would be happy to answer your questions.

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Sep 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'm from Uzbekistan.I'm 25.
Can I study robotics in Japan?

Aug 29, 2014
willing to study robotics
by: Kushal

sir. i am 16 and i am from nepal.. my one and only aim from my childhood is to study robotics... what should i do???. now i am studying +2..

Aug 28, 2014
Study Robotics & Automation in japan under schoolships .
by: Rajen Dasgupta

I am pursuing my bachelor degree (3RD YEAR )in Automation & Robotics from Punjab. My degree will be over by june-2016

So plz give some of your experiences to the destiny...

Aug 10, 2014
Please advise
by: Avinash

Hello Sabestian,

I did my graduation long back and started working as I had money constraints, now I want to persue my dream. Thanks for the encouraging words!! Will keep things posted.

Jul 19, 2014
exams and minimum age
by: Sebastien

Hello Elikem and Daniel,

Thank you for your comments.

@Elikem: For the exams in University of Tokyo, I had to take the entrance exam for their Master Course like every other Japanese student. Most graduate schools allow for exams completed in English. This happened when I was already in Japan with the scholarship.

@Daniel: you probably won't be able to get the Monbukagakusho scholarship before you become a graduate students. If you talk very good Japanese, you can apply for the normal entrance exam of the University you choose, and try your luck with the Japanese undergrads.

May 25, 2014
how can i study robotics in japan
by: daniel

sir am 17 and i had just completed inter in hyderabad india and got 78 percent can i apply to tokyo university for engineering in robotics.if i can what are the steps and ways to do so.

Oct 26, 2013
Entrance Exams
by: Elikem

Hello, i wanna know if you will have to take any exams apart from the one given by the Japanese embassy in my country before gaining admissions to University of Tokyo?

May 30, 2013
GPA and Entrance exams
by: Anonymous

How much percentage or GPA is required in my undergraduate course to get an admit for MS in Japan..?(I am from Pune University where there is a percentage grading done.)

Is there any entrance test to be cleared like the GRE,TOEFL or something...?

On what all criteria do we get admission in Japanese University..?

Are prior research papers required to get admit...?

May 22, 2013
What are the requirements?
by: Anonymous

What are the requirements for the scholarship?
is there any Certain Criteria which should be met?

Nov 24, 2012
Never know without trying
by: Sebastien, from

Hello Deepan
Thank you for your comment.

I think it is possible for anyone to get a scholarship from Japanese government. At least in France, giving all the documents in time and going through the whole procedure already shows that you are motivated.

You'd better have a plan too (like you are going to study robotics in one particular lab, and that you already contacted the supervisor...). This shows you know what you are doing.

In the end, if you come one of the best universities in your country, you just have to follow the procedure in time to get the scholarship. For everyone else, you have to show motivation and attitude to have the edge.

Good luck to get it.

Oct 30, 2012
Good to hear about it
by: Deepan

Hi bro its good to hear about the info given by you. I'm willing to study robotics.
At present i'm going to complete my diploma in Mechatronics engineering (joined after completion of 10th with cbse syllabus)in Tamil Nadu(India). Would I be able (eligible) to study robotics there?
I am a bit confused about this. Please say me the complete procedure till getting into one.

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