Admission to the Univ of Tokyo!

by Rohan Budhiraja
(New Delhi)


I am an undergraduate student, currently living in New Delhi. I know you want to talk about the website (which is really cool by the way!) and your research, but my question is related to the place you studied, Nakamura Lab.

I have talked and applied to Prof Nakamura, obtained the scholarship from Todai, and completed every other formality. The only thing freaking me out is the entrance test, mainly because there is no reference for me to judge what I am about to face.

Could you help me a bit? Just answer these questions, and it will be a big big help.

1) How many people give the entrance test?

2) Is the test only for qualification, or is it competitive that you have to fight for the seats with other applicants?

3) The most important question: Where did you study from? I know the mechanics related subjects (Robotics, Control, Mechatronics)and those related to IT, but what are the mechano-informatics related subjects! Is there some reference you used?

4) Besides this cool webmaster job, what do you do now after graduating?

I appreciate your taking time to read these stupid questions. I would also appreciate if you chose to answer them :)

Sebastien's answer

Hello Rohan,

I don't see any stupid questions here.

1) I am really not sure of the number of people who takes the exam.

2) The test results are really not transparent, and I never saw someone with the scholarship fail at this test (unless you don't show up at one of the exam). So I can't even tell if it was competitive or just qualifying. They have a limited number of seats each year though, so it is supposed to be competitive.

3) You should ask the Professor or some of his students for past exam samples. Each lab usually stores them on their own with corrections (in Japanese...). That's what I studied with.
English: an essay on something related to robotics
Math: you will see that their is a limited number of theorems to know to get through it. Main areas are Probabilities, Matrices Algebra, Analysis with imaginary numbers (don't remember how to call that in English)
Mechano-Informatics: Mechanics, Electronics, and I can't remember if there was any programming questions.

4) I write my website on evening and week-ends. During the day, I create cool apps for Nao as a Behavior Architect for Aldebaran Robotics. We are only 3 employees in Tokyo, so I also regularly do training, sales, software support, and many other things that need to be done. It's really the start-up spirit over here!

Thank you for your interesting questions.

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