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Who am I?

First, I am human. It's important to say, since I could be a replicant, a Terminator, a humaniform robot or even a pure artificial entity living in the cloud...

My name is Sebastien Cagnon. I am French, and I am studying robotics in Tokyo, Japan. I have only one robot, Nao, but I wish I had more. My dream is to have a fully robotic house, where I could focus on my life, and forget about all the little tasks that take so much time...

Now you have the big picture, now let's give some details.

From RC models in France
to Humanoid Robots in Tokyo

My passion for robots started with my dad. He made his own computer in the early 90s, and I was fascinated by all the electronics stuff on his living room table. He also made some RC models. He had several boats, a plane, and bought little cars to me and my brother.

Me and my first robot

Me and my first robot.

Later, in high school, I was like most people in my class: I had no idea what I wanted to do later. But in 2004, there were the duo Spirit Opportunity that landed on Mars, and I thought: "That's what I wanna do!" I entered a good preparatory class (it's French system: 2 years of hard work to enter the best engineering schools) and entered a great engineering school. Sadly, they didn't have robotics course and all I could do was some basic robotics projects.

Still, this school is great because you can easily go abroad (actually, they force you to spend at least 6 months abroad). So I thought I wanted to do some robots, and then: "Where are the robots? In Japan, of course!" (Now I know I had more choice, but whatever, Japan is cool).I got a scholarship, packed my bags, and off I went to Tokyo, where I am now. I study humanoid robots and robot vision in a Master Course, and got my first robot Nao by applying to the "Nao Developer Program". I hope to input some personality in this young robot. Recently I also bought a second hand iRobot Roomba vacuum robot from a friend moving out, and it is quite cool, I would say.

Why did I start a website?

Have you ever wanted to have your own robot? Have you ever looked for a robot you could buy, either a toy or something useful? Personally, I could never find something relevant. I learned about Roomba and other vacuum robots after I arrived in Tokyo in 2010. They had been here for 10 years already!!

Why is that? Because unless you type "robot vacuum", you will never know that there is a robot that can vacuum for you. But since you don't know about them, you don't type it. So we just find them randomly... which can take 10 years!

Actually, all I could find were blogs about the latest super robots that can do awesome things. These robots are usually made in robotics research labs, and are not to sell. There are many blogs about this, and even tech blogs like engadget like to talk about robots you may have "tomorrow". What about today?

From another angle, I always wanted to have a website. Just because it's cool, you know. And since I love robots, I wanted to talk about it. So the idea of a website about robots started to grow in my mind. But there was still a problem.

The problem is that to make a website, you have to go through learning HTML, CSS and a lot of other things I barely know about. And there are so many websites: how do I stand out? I don't want to be the only reader of my site! And you have to avoid all these "how I got 10'000 USD in 1 month easy" and other "Get Rich Quick" schemes.

Then I learned about "Site Build It!". After one week of research about it, I found out this was a solution to many problems: they sell you everything you need in one place, you don't need to know anything about website building, and they teach (really teach) how to make an efficient website. All I have to do since then is follow the guide and write about robots I love. It's really the best option to make a website stress free: keep the passion, forget the rest. You can download the free e-book that sums up their method and philosophy by clicking on this link. (Right click and choose save to save it on your computer)

Site Build It!

What's next?

It is always hard to speak about oneself. So help me and ask me your own questions.

It can be about me, my robot, my research... Or if you have a comment or a request for the website, please go ahead.

Ask Me a Question About Me, my Interests, my Website...

It is always hard to speak about oneself. So help me and ask me your own questions.

It can be about me, my robot, my research... Or if you have a comment or a request for the website, please go ahead.

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