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[Robot Tips], more news about Pepper Robot
October 13, 2014

After I asked in the last Robot Tips about what you wanted to read about in the next few months, I received a lot of good ideas. So thank you to all who participated.

It seems career advice, AI programming and robot building top the list, so expect more about it in the months to come.

Pepper News: first units available

September was again packed with news about Pepper, the social robot . The Pepper Developer program was kicked-off with 1200 developers during the Pepper Tech Festival. More on it on my summary of the Pepper Tech Fest. More on it on my summary of the Pepper Tech Fest.

200 units are available this Autumn for devs in Japan. The price for the Developer Edition was also announced: discover the price of Pepper here!

On a side note, I have given 3 talks this month to talk about my work on Pepper, Human-Robot Interaction and Pepper App Creation. I am slowly reusing the content from these talks to put it for you on the website.

Pepper/Nao Progamming Tutorials

Need help to create your projects on Nao or Pepper? I started to create tutorials on Pepper programming, which also works for Nao of course.

You can find the main page for Pepper Programming guides here . The first tutorial, with video walk-through, explains how to import Python files and libraries into you Choregraphe project .

Next one should be about using the Emotion Recognition engine of Pepper.

Have fun following the adventures of Pepper. It could be available in your country in the next few years, so start saving!

Next month I'll talk about many other robots, I promise. I will help with your Christmas shopping list.

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