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July 09, 2013

Two topics today for the Robotics Tips: - robotics games - study and career in robotics

Robotics Games

My feeling about robots is: how can robots become the next gaming platform? There were Arcade Machines, PCs, game consoles, and now come robots.

There are 2 main motors for high-tech progress: military, and video games. I don't want to do military robots, but I sure would love to create Robotics Games!

2 companies have started making robotics games: Sphero and Anki.

Lately, I have started creating video games, but quickly shifted to create robotics games. You can see the result of my first robotics game on Youtube: Dance Challenge for Nao

More on my blog:

I am already working on a second game, this time combining PC screen and Nao. Should be fun to see!

What kind of robotics games would you like to see? Have you ever imagined playing with robots?

Study and Career in Robotics

Every month, I get questions on how to start studying robotics, or how to start a career into robotics.

Sounds familiar? Do you have questions yourself about studying robotics? Do you wonder how to create the best CV to maximize your chances to be recruited by a robotics company?

I am currently writing an e-book about the topic, and would love to know what are your questions and problems.

Also, tell me if you would be interested in reading a beta version. I need feedback from readers to make it great.

Just answer this mail to contact me with your questions or tell me about your interest.

Best regards, Sebastien

As always, you can also send me your feedback, just answer to this e-mail and copy these questions, or just type your comment:
  1. Did you like these Robot Tips?
  2. What would you like to read about in the next Robot Tips?
  3. Would you recommend the Robot Tips to your friends?

, I really care about what you have to say. I write these mails for you, so your feedback can only make it better.

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