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The first real home robots are coming,!
August 09, 2014

General purpose home robots are coming soon. This week we discover Pepper and JIBO, two social robots who will be available from next year.

Pepper, my work, my passion

Pepper was revealed beginning of June in Japan by Softbank, a mobile phone service provider. The robot is 1.2m tall (3'9 foot), has a humanoid shape but moves around on 3 omni-wheels.

Pepper is an emotional robot. He can see people, have a conversation with them and distract them in the shops. Plus, like an actor, he can be very convincing when displaying emotions.

Pepper has been my work for 2 years. After getting my degree, Aldebaran recruited me in Tokyo to help create applications. Creating robot apps is really cool: you use the edge of technology to give life to a robot, and your goal is to have people say "Wow!". Now my applications are making people say "Wow!" in Softbank shops and in Paris Aldebaran Atelier, so I'm pretty proud of it!

Also, you might realize that I was not very active on the website for the last 6-10 months. Indeed, working for a passion like robotics, and launching Pepper was hard work. But totally worth it!

Get more info about Pepper on my website:

All you need to know about Pepper (price, availability, where to meet):

My latest work, launching the Aldebaran Atelier in Tokyo, where you can meet Pepper and Nao:

Nao's price (Pepper's little brother) was updated:

JIBO, the Family Robot

JIBO is being created by Pr. Cynthia Breazeal, THE reference in social robots. She has been creating interacting robots since the 1990's, and had quite some success with it.

Now JIBO can not move around like Pepper, but is much cheaper. For only US$ 500, you get a funny little robot that will become the interface to your home and your online life. Just talk to JIBO and let JIBO talk to the machines.

JIBO will be able to see people around, take pictures, read your mails to you, explain a recipe as you cook it, and many more skills.

You can reserve yours today. More than 3500 people reserved one already. So don't wait more, because the pre-orders are available only until August 16th!

More info about JIBO:

All you need to know:

Reserve yours today on IndieGoGo:

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