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Furbies are invading Christmas,!
December 02, 2012

Furbies are invading Christmas again this year! It has been crazy at work as we all bought one and brought it to the office. These things are funny, and they are noisy too!

And we all discovered how they can be used with the iPhone, how they talk, sing and dance when you pack them together, and how you have to bury them under the coats until they finally decide to fall asleep when it's time to go back to work!

Anyway, these things are clearly a hot toy this year, and seem to become more expensive every week on

For a general presentation with pictures and video, check the main page here: Furbies are invading the World.

You can find several videos on my Youtube channel too: here is the list of all my robot videos on Youtube: About-Robots Youtube Channel.

Among the new things available on the Furby, is its capacity to change personality according to how you take care of it. So here are 4 links directing you to the 4 different personalities, with tips on what it does, and how to change your Furby's personality super quickly:

- The Evil Furby

- The Chatty Furby

- The Crazy Furby

- The Rock-Star Furby

If you have a Furby too, and you want to share your adventure with your robotic pet, you can share your story here on my website, or on About-Robots' Facebook page.

Pages from our readers:

Here are pages written or initiated by other readers. You can participate too by using the forms or the new Facebook comments available on the website. Don't forget to live a comment on these pages if you want to add something too.

The first is a great project idea for Nao by Jeremy, from Cincinnati: Nao Robot for the blind.

This one is from Kodie, a regular reader on Kodie asked me how to get started in robotics?. I would love to get your advice or opinion in the comments. Tell us how YOU got started.

Next week, I will offer you more Christmas recommendations. See you then!

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