I hope you had a great new year. For me I started playing with my Arduino platform. There is a lot to learn there. Now I can make control different kinds of motors and read sensors. I just have to put all that together.

Today, let's see the best news of the last 30 days in the robotics world.

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Great Arduino Projects

Since I was talking about Arduino, let's start with RoboBrrd from RobotGrrl. It's a great Arduino project, fully documented, to create your video-game partner. Actually, the games are supposed to be educational, and the robot will coach and reward the student for his achievements. It can't be catapulted toward pig castles yet, but that should come soon.

Another cool thing you can do with an Arduino? Make your own QuadCopter. You can use to spy on your neighbor or try to deliver lunch to your kids at school (not recommended though ;).

Telepresence robots

A new page on the website will give you a tour of telepresence robots. Click here to learn how to get your own telepresence robot. It's actually not so hard to buil one, and can be done with a PC and Arduino together. There's a great video included on how Nao can be used for that too.

New mobility robots

Segway is way too expensive to be the replacement for all these bicycles. Check out this cheaper version on 4 wheels. Or just check it out for their really strange marketing angle...

Another one is the dangerous idea of combining a skateboard and Kinect. Check out the result here. On the plus side, it does look really cool. On the other side, I wouldn't like to fall at that speed from this unstable thing (how do you break?). My advice: for experienced skateboarder only.

The future of home robots

Were you expecting a tons of new robotic gadgets for your home at CES2012 (Consumer Electronic Show)? Well, home robots were the big absent of this year, so don't expect the robot revolution just yet.

Let's stay positive though. The next generation of vacuum cleaner will be safe-cleaning. Now the million $ question is: who will clean the charging station of your vacuum robot? To be continued... That's all for today. I hope you enjoy the articles/videos.

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